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Kate Bush fans tackle third sensual walk

Kate Bush fans gathered in Howth Head for the third annual Sensual Walk, which celebrates her work.

The walk is called after the singer-songwriter's 1989 hit The Sensual World which makes references to James Joyce's Ulysses.

Organisers say the reclusive artist is aware of the event which is always scheduled to take place around Bloomsday, June 16.

The weather held up beautifully for the participants who ate seedcake and peaches, which are mentioned in the book and the song before setting out on a trek across Howth Summit.

After the scenic trek, fans retired to a pub for the evening, where Kate Bush and James Joyce were never far from conversation. Even the location is significant because Howth Summit is where Leopold Bloom proposed to Molly in Joyce's book.

Organiser Sean Twomey (36) said: "It is an excuse for us to get together because she doesn't tour, so you don't get a chance to meet other fans unless you make your own event."

Sean, who runs the website katebushnews.com, said the idea for the walk is based on a British event.

"I had friends in Yorkshire used to do a Wuthering Hike. That was just going up to the moors, going to the pub and having a laugh, so this is my way of doing something like that.

"We wanted to make use of Howth, which is so beautiful. A lot of people forget about up here, so it's an excuse to have a walk and a bit of craic."