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Karen's pole dancing clip is web sensation

TV3'S Xpose looks to have finally found the key to attracting more male viewers -- by having presenter Karen Koster take to a stripper's pole in the name of exercise.

The Herald can reveal a segment aired on Tuesday's episode has become an internet sensation, after 2FM's Colm and Jim Jim urged listeners to check it out.

The clip shows Karen debuting her skills on a pole to demonstrate its weight loss benefits, after she took to Blackrock's Tonic bar and restaurant to record the segment.

But the blonde beauty admits her boyfriend, RTE presenter John McGuire hasn't seen the footage yet as she's banned him from watching it.

"He hasn't seen it at all, I told him I was useless and he wasn't allowed to watch it," she told the Herald.

"The funny thing was that the same day I shot it, we actually went out to Tonic nightclub that night so I was eyeing up the poles and joking that I'd give him a sneak preview.

"Needless to say I decided against it. I certainly haven't got the skills for that after just one day," she added.

And while she admits the exercise benefits were immediately obvious after taking the class, Karen says it's unlikely she will be returning to hone her skills for the immediate future given that she already goes for regular sessions at the gym.

According to the bubbly TV star: "I definitely felt better after doing it, I could really feel the benefit.

"My whole body just felt stretched and like I had done a really intensive work-out but I think I might be sticking to the gym for now.

"Of course there is a kind of sexy element to it but you can add your own finesse and the aim is to do exercise and tone up in a fun way.

"We organised it through Twirl.ie. They just called and approached the show so I volunteered for it. We thought it would be a fun piece to do, especially since there was so much hype about it when it was rumoured that Britney Spears wanted a pole fitted in her hotel room during her visit to Dublin."

But while Karen has an enviable figure thanks to her work at the gym, the TV3 beauty claims there was no chance of her wearing shorts to the class as advised by the instructors.

"I just don't have the thighs to be filmed upside down on a pole. I'm not that brave yet," she laughed.