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Karen and team laugh off their bus crash ordeal

XPOSE presenter Karen Koster has revealed how she and her TV3 colleagues were more concerned about missing their flight back to Dublin than their safety following their bus crash in Italy earlier this week.

The showbiz reporter insists she and her workmates came out of the experience without a scratch and were all extremely relieved it wasn't more serious.

Karen (29) went on to explain how they all had a good laugh when co-host of The Morning Show, Martin King, slept through the whole incident.

"It really was just a minor tip thank God. We were very lucky it wasn't worse," she told the Diary.

"To be honest I barely heard it happen and Martin didn't even wake up. When we realised what had happened we were terrified we were going to get delayed for ages and end up missing our flight home.

"I wasn't too bad as I had taken the Monday off work but the rest of the gang all had to be back.

"It was a great weekend though, well worth it. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and Debbie [O'Donnell] looked really fantastic," she added.

Karen has a busy weekend ahead after being lined up to host the inaugural Dublin Festival of Fashion this weekend, which is sponsored by the Herald and Dubliner magazine.

The popular showbiz reporter will be MC'ing fashion shows on Grafton Street and Henry Street on Saturday afternoon and says she's delighted to be involved.