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Karen and John partied 'til 7am after perfect Italian wedding


Karen Koster and husband John McGuire Photo: VIP Magazine/Jenny McCarthy

Karen Koster and husband John McGuire Photo: VIP Magazine/Jenny McCarthy

Karen Koster and husband John McGuire Photo: VIP Magazine/Jenny McCarthy

NEWLY-weds Karen Koster and John McGuire are not letting married life cramp their style.

The loved-up couple were the last to leave the bar on their wedding night, getting to bed at 7am after sipping champagne watching the sun rise.

In an exclusive interview with VIP magazine, John said that all they want for married life is a "continuation" of their happiness together.

The pair exchanged vows last weekend in an intimate ceremony in the beautiful sun-soaked Italian town of Taormina, in Sicily.

Karen (33), wearing a strapless bridal gown with a full white-tiered skirt, opted to walk to the church in the Old Town of Taormina.

Some 50 guests attended the wedding and celebrated at the nearby Grand Hotel Timeo.

When asked if he felt different upon marrying Xpose anchor Karen, businessman John replied: "Do I feel different? I don't know. I guess we're not living in sin anymore! I pretty much hope that it continues the way it was until now.

"We get on great together, and we laugh a lot, so I would be more than happy with a continuation of that. I'm back to my old ways of slagging her and annoying her all the time . . . I'm very happy with her."

Karen said they fell in love with Taormina and knew they wanted to get wed there – and will head back there to celebrate their future anniversaries.

"John and I don't usually go in for obviously romantic things, but the hotel was totally romantic, in a very Italian; very traditional way. We just fell in love with the place. So, yes, we will be making it back there on anniversaries," she said.

And it was a long night for the pair.

"Oooh . . . I think we got to bed at 7am! John and I were the last to leave the bar, and then we had champagne on our balcony with the sun coming up," recalled TV3 star Karen.

Keen to keep the nuptials small, none of Karen's TV3 colleagues were invited.

"There were only 50 guests so Karen had to be brutal with the guest list but everybody understood and Karen and John have been flooded with messages of congratulations," said a source.

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