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Kapow! Stars step out for opening of Batman Live

STARS were out in force for the official opening of Batman Live at The O2 in Dublin last night.

Thousands of fans packed the sold-out arena to watch the first performance of the anticipated Warner Brothers show, which earned massive critical acclaim in the UK.

Dubliners now have the chance to experience Gotham City in The O2 until Saturday.

Spotted attending the opening night were Four Live showbiz star Lottie Ryan, Take Me Out host Ray Foley, Riverdance co-founder John McColgan, TV presenter Shay Healy adn six-year-old fan Caighlun Mulvey.

Speaking at the opening, Riverdance co-founder Moya Doherty revealed she is set to unveil her very own dance show. The multi-millionaire entrepreneur told the Diary that she is hoping to get the production off the ground in the next year and a half.

Moya says she is looking forward to getting the show ready for the public.

"I am working on a new show at the moment. It won't quite have the same special effects of this Batman show but I'm looking forward to it. We are hoping to have it in The Grand Canal Theatre in the next year and a half to two years. It takes a lot of time. I have a lot on at the moment but I think it's good to be busy," she said.

And although Moya remained tight-lipped on the exact details, a source told the Diary that the new show will be completely different from Riverdance.