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Kamal plans charity skydive

BIG-hearted Mr World Kamal Ibrahim is planning to skydive from 30,000 feet to raise awareness for The Variety Club of Ireland.

The Diary can reveal that the hunky Limerick model has his sights set on scoring a new Irish record with his ambitious challenge, which will see him fall from temperatures of -40C this November.

"I'm really looking forward to it. I was totally hooked on skydiving since my first jump," Kamal told the Diary.

"I'm not terrified because I've built up a lot of confidence and I know I have the best team in Ireland behind me. I've done 14 solo jumps so far and I need to do 11 more in Ireland over the next two weeks before I go to Spain to do 150 jumps in three weeks.

"I'm totally focused on training now so I've been very healthy, I've given up booze and I'm getting very fit because after three or four jumps in one day, you really start to feel the pain like you've been for a serious workout in the gym."

The 24-year-old, who is being sponsored by Buck's Townhouse for his adventurous event, is hoping to raise €30,000 for Variety -- a children's charity that works to enhance the lives of children who are physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged.