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Justin's shame over insult to homeless

POP star and actor Justin Timberlake has apologised for a video showing homeless people offering congratulations to the pop star and his new bride, Jessica Biel.

Timberlake posted a message on his website saying he didn't know about the video or contribute to it.

He says the video "was made as a joke on me" and wasn't shown at his wedding in Italy last week.

Timberlake calls the video "distasteful" and says he's deeply sorry to anyone offended by it. But he acknowledges that it was made by well-meaning friends.

The 19-second video is titled, "Greetings from your Hollywood friends who just couldn't make it."

It shows three people who obviously don't know the famous couple greeting them with wedding wishes.

When the story emerged, one of the homeless people who appeared on the video was tracked down.

"I am deeply sorry to anyone who was offended by the video. Again, it was something that I was not made aware of," he said.

Critics said Timberlake could make a donation to homeless shelters in Los Angeles.