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Justin plans dance treat for bride Jess

DANCING at weddings is rarely a thing of beauty but this weekend Jessica Biel is in for a real treat.

Her fiance Justin Timberlake (31) will perform a specially choreographed N Sync dance routine at their luxury wedding ceremony as a treat.

Justin will throw some shapes on the dance floor with his best man and ushers, to Jessica's (30) favourite N Sync track, It's Gonna Be Me.

"Justin has been working on this for months," a source close to the couple said.

"Jessica used to love the track and wanted Justin to perform it as a special treat."

The couple are rumoured to be spending around €5m on the lavish wedding ceremony, and the celebrations will last for three days.

There will be a few hundred guests, and the maid of honour will be Jessica's long-time best friend, Lindsay Ratowsky.

Justin was best man at fellow N Sync singer Lance Bass's wedding and there are rumours that Lance will return the favour this weekend.

Jessica's stylist, Estee Stanley, was assigned the role of wedding planner and has been working around the clock to make sure everything is perfect for the famous couples big day.