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Justin, if you're the Daddy, you have got some explaining to do

IT'S a case of 'he says, she says' or -- in the words of Take That -- 'it only takes a minute girl'.

Because it seems that squeaky clean Justin Bieber may or may not (depending on who you read and heed), be a baby daddy following a brief dalliance in a backstage loo.

According to Californian fan Mariah Yeater, she was approached by a security man after a gig in Los Angeles and brought to meet the 17-year-old star.

There was an immediate attraction (it must have been her multiple facial piercings), she says, and Bieber whisked her off to a "private place" for 30 seconds of, well, baby making.

She doesn't stop there with her account of proceedings. It was his first time, he told her, he didn't want to use protection, and now she has a three-month-old son.

Well, obviously a paternity test will sort the story out for once and for all, but in the meantime, the pop star with the previously squeaky clean persona -- he has said countless times that he's saving himself for the right girl -- finds himself in the headlines.


Now, maybe Mariah was the "right girl", maybe she was the "right girl, right place" or maybe she's rightly mistaken about the whole thing, but there's going to be a lot of egg on someone's face once the truth outs.

If Bieber is the daddy, he's got some explaining to do, and this could open a whole can of worms. And if he isn't, well, it's she who'll have to do the explaining -- most likely in court.

Right now, she is of course telling all, not because she loves him, but because she wants Bieber to "provide adequate support for my baby". And if he's the parent, yes, of course he should.

And perhaps he can call Hugh Grant and ask for some tips, as the actor has been through the whole rigmarole himself quite recently -- shelling out for a house, an income and private maternity care for the mother of his new baby daughter.

It's tough for the teen star though. With hormones raging on one hand, and a manager with, no doubt, his eye on the bigger picture on the other, there must be a constant fight over what he wants to do with all these adoring fans, and what he's allowed to.


Most adolescent boy popstars (Jedward excluded) seem to have to stay in their pre-pubescent form for way too long and you wouldn't blame Bieber for helping himself to what's so liberally on offer.

If only he wasn't selling himself as being so darn wholesome.

But if what Mariah Yeater is saying is true, and that he was a virgin when he stepped into the backstage bathroom with her, it really is a case of bad luck, that he got caught out, and got her banged up in 30 seconds. Yowch.

The fact that she's now getting death threats is unpleasant. Just as the photographs she's posting on line of her multiple tattoos, nose, lip and face studs are. Mariah looks like a bit of a livewire.

Well, her outspoken nature has got Ms Yeater into nearly every newspaper in the western world ... perhaps some publicity Justin Bieber could do without.

We wait with bated breath for the next instalment to find out who really is the daddy. My God, this is better than a soap opera.