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Just dance! Irish talent gets chance to star with Lady Gaga at MTV gig

IRISH dancers are to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform alongside stars including Lady Gaga and Jessie J.

Organisers of the MTV Music Awards, which are to take place in Belfast, are looking for dance troops to perform in front of a worldwide audience.

Europe's leading dance agency AMCK are to hold auditions in Dublin next Monday, the Herald can reveal.

It is being hailed as the biggest opportunity made available to dancers in Ireland since Riverdance.

Kathy McGuinness of Dance Masters, who was contacted by AMCK to organise the auditions, said hundreds of dancers will attend.

"Nothing as big as this ever happens here. Usually they ship in dancers from the UK. It's the same with the musicals that happen here. This is the biggest thing ever in the dancing industry here," she told the Herald.

"AMCK book all of the dancers and give them to the acts. It's a real dance audition and there will be hundreds of dancers queuing. I'm guessing that around 20 dancers will be chosen.

"When I was asked by AMCK, I didn't hesitate at all, I told them you'll get your dancers. They're the biggest dance agency in Europe, and they said this time around they want to use Irish dancers."

Kathy said this audition will now open up opportunities for more industry scouts to come to Ireland looking for talent.

"The headline acts will be Lady Gaga, LMFAO, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jessie J. And dancers writing on boards online are blown away. They're saying that this is the best news.

"When other people in the industry see that the dancers have been booked from here, then hopefully we'll get more auditions.

"Usually the dancers come here from abroad, they perform and then they go home again. "

She added: "This is our version of Riverdance. In the past, dancers have had to fly over to the UK to get opportunities like this. They want real dancers with technique and they'll be training every night of the week and looking for professional dancers."

The auditions will take place in the Dance House on Foley Street, Dublin 1 from 12 to 6pm on Monday.

Kathy will also run the Dance Masters and Choreographer of the Year on November 19 and 20, which will be another chance for talented dancers to land big opportunities.