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Just call me Mrs Tindall, says new royal bride Zara

The Queen's granddaughter, a leading equestrian competitor, said she would adopt the surname of Mike Tindall, the England rugby captain, among friends and family while retaining her maiden name for sporting events.

She said: "I'm keeping it for the professional side, to use it for work. I'm very much Mrs Tindall in private -- and maybe will be sometimes publicly. Let's say I'm going to keep both of them."

Zara (30) also revealed how she admonished her husband over his dishevelled appearance the day after their wedding, warning him his crumpled morning suit was "not a good look".

Mr Tindall was photographed 24 hours after Saturday's Edinburgh wedding looking slightly the worse for wear and still in his wedding suit. Zara said he had been unable to change after forgetting to bring another outfit.

She also scotched rumours that the Prince William entertained guests with a karaoke rendition of the Bon Jovi song Livin' On A Prayer.

"I don't know where the rumour came from, but he wasn't. Mike was probably the one singing," she said.