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Junior Masterchef could be on the menu, reveals Nick

HE may have banned babies from his Dublin restaurant after 6pm but Nick Munier would love to take on young teenagers for his Masterchef TV series.

Masterchef Junior has become a massive hit in Australia and is currently in its second season on air.

Pichet owner Nick, who is a dad-of-four, told the Herald: "I'd love to do a season of Junior Masterchef, it would be great for families.

"I've said it to RTE before and expressed my excitement about it, so we'll see what happens.

"It would be brilliant viewing and personally I think it would be better than the professionals."

The culinary king is "very hopeful" that the foodie programme will return to Irish TV screens this year, but is waiting to got word on a final decision.

Recently, the restaurateur imposed a controversial ban on babies and toddlers dining with parents at his trendy eatery after 6pm.

"If you're spending good money on food, you don't want to be seated next to a screaming child," he said.

But another Dublin restauranteur told the Herald that Munier "talked a lot of rubbish".

Padraic Hanley of Ouzo's Restaurant in Dun Laoghaire said: "The only problem I have is adults behaving like children.

"We're not a family restaurant but I feel a responsibility to look after them [children] with colouring book, pens and things like that.

"Now and again they get out of control but you just quietly say it to the parents."