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Jules pregnant at 40 after her battle against the bulge

MODEL boss Jules Fallon discovered she was pregnant on her 40th birthday after losing weight and increasing her fertility.

The agent had signed up for a challenge on TV3 Midday with Elaine Crowley in a battle against the bulge.

Jules won the show after she lost enough weight to go from a size 18 to 14 -- thanks to a gruelling gym routine and a healthy eating plan.

But the 1st Option Model Agency chief had another surprise in store when she found out she was pregnant with her third child.

"I discovered I was pregnant on my 40th birthday. I was very naive, I went to the doctor thinking I had a tummy bug," she told the Herald.

"The doctor took a test and said it's positive. I thought 'Is it positive for a kidney infection?'.

"I became more fertile because I have lost so much weight."

The former model, who has two boys aged six and two, said that she has never been healthier.

"Now at 40 I feel younger than I did during my other two pregnancies," Jules said. "I enjoy being pregnant. I'm one of those weird people who enjoys labour -- I'm all on for painkillers, but I think it's possible to enjoy the experience with enough painkillers. It's such a fabulous experience."


Over the course of six weeks, panellists on the show went through nutrition lessons, personal fitness instruction and individual health checks. But doctors have warned Jules to take it easy with her hectic exercise plan.

"I gave the gym a miss over the last couple of weeks -- it becomes addictive. But I had to stop because there were a few complications," she said.

"The fear is that I have lost all this weight and that I will put it on again."

Jules said her that husband Adrian Cook has been hugely supportive of her while she tries to juggle a successful career with a busy home life.

"Business has been thriving, we've never been busier," she said.