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Josh joins horror cast and crew at Lillie's gig


Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett

Hollywood kingpin Josh Hartnett likes to burn the candle at both ends.

The US hunk proved that he has the Irish spirit when it comes to partying as he let his hair down in more then one Dublin haunt over the weekend.

The actor is in the capital to film horror drama Penny Dreadful, which is set to wrap up in March.

And as it was the weekend, it would have been rude if he didn't enjoy a pint or two in celeb joint Lillie's Bordello on Grafton Street, a spot that he has become familiar with over the past few years.

Josh was joined by award-winning director Sam Mendes and the full cast and crew from Penny Dreadful as they partied the night away in the exclusive VIP library bar.

Earlier, the 35-year-old enjoyed a few low-key pints in Cassidy's on Westmoreland Street.

But the actor went largely unnoticed as he was sporting a rather dashing moustache for his role in the eight-part drama.

"Josh and Sam were in great form and were enjoying a few beers," an onlooker told the Diary.

"There was plenty of frenzy among female admirers when he arrived, but he spent most of his time in the member's bar having laughs with the cast."

And it's not hard to see why as the actor is currently loved up with blonde model and actress Tamsin Egerton.