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Jordan's stylist Lisa rises above hate mail

Katie Price's Irish stylist has been subjected to a wave of hostility after helping the glamour girl select her clothes for her Las Vegas marriage.

Dubliner Lara Casey was over the moon after she was chosen by the British celebrity, also known as Jordan, to become her personal stylist for 2010 in what was a huge career boost for the boutique owner. Her Dame Lane store is the favourite shopping haunt of Irish celebs such as Miriam O'Callaghan, Caroline Morahan and Sharon Ni Bheolain when looking for glamorous gowns for red-carpet events.

However, she revealed to the Diary she was left reeling after receiving a wave of bitchy comments on her Facebook page about the sartorial choices of the mum-of-four, who got hitched for the second time in Las Vegas to cagefighter Alex Reid.

Katie, who's worth an estimated €50m, is regularly vilified across the water and now a 'hate campaign' appears to include Lara, who went to her London pad last Sunday to help her pick out her wedding ensembles.

"It really wasn't nice, I had to delete some of the really nasty ones as they were just too much," she said.

"Everyone's trying to do their best and it's not nice to get knocked back when you've got 5,000 people looking at your Facebook page.

"I didn't read that much into it because I'm too busy trying to run the three shops. I've got two kids and I don't have time to be thinking about this kind of nasty stuff."

The negative comments started after Lara posted on her store's Facebook page how she had styled Jordan for this month's shoot in OK magazine. This in turn sparked a wave of derogatory remarks from several Facebook posters. Lara retorted with a new post which read that "if the Jordan pics bother you that much, please remove yourself from my friends".

She added: "I am styling Kate now and have got a great reaction from the OK magazine shoot."

Lara, who's mum to Dylan (two months) and Rosie (two), divides her time between here and London.