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Jordan's in the wars again after bathroom bust-up with Virginia

GLAMOUR model Jordan may have buried the hatchet with former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker at Friday night's glitzy Peter Mark VIP Style Awards, but it seems she managed to fall out with another media personality in the process.

The Diary can reveal the mum-of-three took an instant dislike to buxom brunette Virginia Macari when the former Podge and Rodge presenter asked her to have a picture taken together, throwing a number of hurtful insults her way.

Despite eventually agreeing to pose for a shot with the feisty half-Italian/half-Irish beauty, Jordan is said to have thoroughly riled the aspiring TV personality with her comments.

"Virginia was very annoyed and understandably upset as there was absolutely no need for it," said an onlooker afterwards.

"They both happened to be in the bathroom at the same time and she merely went over to say hello and ask her for a picture together and got verbally attacked for her troubles.

"Jordan told her in no uncertain terms that she was there as Katie Price and not Jordan and that she was fed up of being asked to get into photographs when she wasn't working.

"She seemed determined to get into a row and didn't hold back on the insults -- but thankfully Virginia kept her cool and handled it well, without giving her any reaction," they added.

The diplomatic beauty declined to comment on the issue when pressed about what had been said.

Dressed to impress in a black and white leopard print Roberto Cavalli dress, chosen by her boyfriend Kaste Dahl, Virginia explained how she was determined not to let the incident ruin her night.

The fashion designer wasn't the only one to get a piece of the glamour model's mind as the evening went on.

The outspoken British star also let loose at a number of bystanders as she filmed scenes for her ITV reality show in the ladies' room of the Shelbourne Hotel, accusing them of recording her singing on their mobile phones. The page-three girl later stunned guests with her raunchy behaviour at an after-party in Krystle nightclub.

-- LN