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Joker Amy chickens out of diet in run-up to her big day

Actress Amy Huberman has vowed she won't be unleashing her inner bridezilla in a bid to shed the pounds ahead of her nuptials next July.

The bride-to-be, who admits she was sweating buckets when it came to facing her fear of birds for new RTE show, Your Bad Self, says she won't be carrying the 'chicken diet' into the New Year.

"I'm definitely not on some new-fangled New Year's chicken diet," she laughed. "Basically, what happened was that when I got the script for the series, one scene was with a chicken and I have quite a serious fear of large birds.

"I was joking with people that the stress of it all and having to face my fear of birds, with what turned out to be a full-on hen, had made me lose weight.

"I wasn't serious though, I'm not going on any new diets or trying to lose weight," she added.

Speaking about her new comedy show, Amy admitted she thoroughly enjoyed working on it.

According to Amy: "There's so much that will take people by surprise.


"It's that kind of humour where you're just laughing all the time, it's all kind of very un-PC stuff.

"We live in a society where we have social norms and boundaries and you can't just blurt out whatever you're thinking, so to get the opportunity to air my dark and bold side was great.

"You're in a situation where anyone can say anything and because you've broken down the formalities, you can really just be honest. It was refreshing."

The series is due to hit the airwaves for the first time tonight at 9.55 and will see Amy joined by many well known names and faces including Micheal McElhatton, Jason O'Mara and Peter McDonald.

The former Clinic star isworking on her second novel and says she's hoping to have a large chunk of the follow-up to Hello Heartbreak completed before the summer.

"It's going fine so far," said Amy. "I'm researching all these ideas bubbling around in my head. I've already started writing it and now it's just a matter of trying to get the characters straight.