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Joey brings home the bacon despite pressure from Kian

A 'heroic' Joey Essex was the star of last night's I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! after braving a pitch-black cave full of rats for the camp.

Essex (23) brought back eight meals from the Bush Tucker Trial and even got the girl, sharing a snuggle under a blanket with Miss Universe Amy Willerton.

But The Only Way Is Essex star faced a rival for the ladies in newcomer Vincent Simone, who took a shower in a pair of tight white swimming trunks.

Essex was feeling the pressure as Westlife star Kian Egan and ex-model Annabel Giles talked him up in advance of his fourth trial.

He got an early fright on the way to the Cave of Claws when he mistook a monitor lizard for a dragon, but was soon crawling in the darkness looking for 12 meal tickets.

"Oh my god, this is ridiculous. This is so scary. Er, it's muddy and that," said Essex, unaware that rats and insects were about to crawl over him.

"Oh, mate, they're all licking me and that. They're taking to me and that. It's well hard, you can't see nothing.

"This is not reem. This is definitely not reem. This is definitely, 100pc not reem!" His efforts were rewarded when Giles praised him as "heroic."

Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Will Smith's square cousin Carlton in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, said: "To me, right now, Joey is king of the jungle. He's doing a great job."

Essex even gulled chat show host Matthew Wright into thinking he had failed by putting on a glum face.

Wright said: "He fooled me again. I remain the most gullible man in camp. Even more gullible than Joey."

Essex added: "I've done a few trials whilst I've been here, but that was by far the hardest, scariest and slinkiest out of them all."


Meanwhile Simone, a Strictly Come Dancing professional who was voted 'Rear of the Year' in May, impressed the women by "parading" in tight white and leopard skin trunks.

Willerton said: "Vincent wears a tiny pair of tighty whiteys. He's doing the full Italian stallion in all its glory."

Ribeiro was less impressed, calling it "uncomfortable."