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Joe leaves Grainne in shade with his men's beauty show

MORE viewers tuned into Joe O'Shea's programme on male grooming than his former chat show co-host Grainne Seoige's Modern Life.

Joe's one-off feature on male vanity, which is part of the Reality Bites series, was broadcast on RTE Two directly after Grainne's Modern Life instalment on Thursday, December 8.

Following Grainne's (38) half- hour slot at 9.30pm for her Modern Life documentary on The Skin Trade, Joe's offering, which aired at 10pm on the same channel and same day saw 174,800 viewers turn on their tellies, 7,800 fans more than his former co-host and a 13.37pc share of the audience.


However, an RTE spokesperson told the Herald: "The two shows are scheduled in different time slots so can't be directly compared on a like-for-like basis."

Joe and Grainne were co-hosts for the ill-fated chat show Seoige & O'Shea, which was broadcast on RTE in 2008.

However, the following season Joe was replaced by Grainne's sister, Sile, and the show renamed Seoige.

It was dropped altogether last year. In Joe's programme on male grooming, Joe explored many areas of Irish male vanity and grooming and looked at everything from male moisturiser, fake tan and chest waxing to hair transplants and moob jobs, while Grainne visited tattoo parlours and looked on as genital piercing was performed in front of the cameras.


The Galway girl's first episode of the four-part Modern Life tackled Size Zero bodies and peaked with 181,000 viewers.

The second show, Dating Games, was less successful than her opening episode -- which saw audience figures dip to 159,400.

Former Daybreak star Grainne saw ratings climb back up the ladder to reach 167,000 on her third episode on the skin trade, however it was not enough to top the popular Joe.

The series is just one of several projects Grainne is involved in for RTE this season -- she also presents Crimecall.

She is currently working on a programme with the BBC in the UK.