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Joan Collins back in character as Alexis Carrington in Dynasty-style photoshoot

Joan Collins has stepped back into character as the femme fatale Alexis Carrington in a Dynasty-style photoshoot.

The 76-year-old has revived the flamboyant eighties look of the vengeful Dynasty character, complete with big hair, costume jewels and blood-red lips.

The actress posed for Alexis Bittar, her favourite jeweller, to promote his new costume jewellery line which is appropriately called "superbitch" and said to have been inspired by the Alexis Carrington character.

Collins played Carrington in the soap from 1981-1989, carrying off a string of lurid story lines with aplomb. In one episode she deliberately causes her ex-husband's new wife to miscarry his baby by startling her horse with a gunshot.

The actress starred in Bittar's advertising campaign after praising the designer in an interview. "Alexis Bittar is by far my favourite costume jewellery designer...His whimsical designs suit my personality effortlessly," she said.

"I always feel glamorous and sexy whenever I adorn myself in his creations."

Collins, whose husband is just 44, has insisted she has never resorted to cosmetic surgery to preserve her youthful looks. She has said in the past: "In front of the camera my skin probably isn't nearly as good as it used to be. But what the hell, everybody's got to get older."

Elle magazine described Bittar’s Spring 2010 collection as "a return to its nostalgic ’80s roots, evoking its strong heritage while revisiting iconic statement pieces such as architecturally shaped shoulder pads (which Bittar created using hand sculpted metal) and over-the-top jewel encrusted clip-ons worthy of a Dynasty debut."

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