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Jewardmaina: fans queue overnight in the hope of meeting the Grimes twins

JEDWARD mania shows no sign of ending as hundreds of fans flocked to see their pop idols at their latest signing in south Dublin.

Due to unprecedented demand, organisers had to issue parents with wristbands in order for their children to see the boys, who were promoting their single Under Pressure.

Parents began queueing for the wristbands as early as 9pm on Thursday -- with the boys not due to appear at HMV in Dundrum Town Centre until 4pm yesterday.

And as the time of their arrival loomed, the queue to meet Jedward is reported to have stretched out as far as the car parking areas in the shopping centre.

Many families were left disappointed -- although the X Factor stars John and Edward tried to see as many fans as was possible.

One Dublin family began queueing at 6am to get their hands on the elusive wrtistbands.

Although they were disappointed at initially missing out, they managed to plead their case with the boys' management team and scored VIP passes.

Mum Marie Blanchfield from Templeogue arrived at the store with her two daughters, Sarah (17) and Emma (13), to join the queue for entry.

However, confusion arose among organisers and fans about how Jedward fans would gain entry to the store that day as the growing demand forced HMV to issue tickets on Thursday night instead of Friday morning as advertised.

"We were so upset and my husband began calling anyone he could think of who could help.

"He wound up getting in touch with Louis Walsh's personal assistant, who was very understanding and she explained that we would be getting tickets and would see Jedward after all," Marie told the Herald.

Marie said that her two teens were delighted to meet their X Factor idols after a whirlwind day.

"The girls were absolutely thrilled to meet Jedward," Marie told the Herald.

"It was great. We actually wound up meeting them for a few minutes beforehand with some other families and then at the official signing as well.

"The boys were exactly how they were on the show.

"I know there was a lot of people who didn't get to see them after all their queuing in the morning. I can't stop thinking about how upset they must be still," she added.

Some 400 fans were lucky enough to meet the Lucan twins yesterday -- but the boys could have met thousands if circumstance allowed it.

At 4pm yesterday, the PA in store cranked up their new hit single Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) to the cheers of hundreds of fans in store.

Jedward mania is set to continue in late April when the boys will be joining their X Factor cohorts for the Dublin leg of the show's live tour.