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Jenny's bridal gown is a big secret -- Ray

RAY D'Arcy's bride-to-be is keeping her wedding dress a closely guarded secret.

The Today FM DJ and his long-term partner Jenny Kelly are planning on tying the knot in 2013.

The couple, who have two children together, said that they want to keep their nuptials as relaxed and low-key as possible.

But Ray said that Jenny particularly wants to keep some of the wedding customs alive.

"It's very exciting but I'm 48 and Jenny is 40, and I think it will be very different to the sort of wedding a couple in their 20s would have," he told the Herald.

"It will be pretty laid back and will have our stamp all over it.

"We're cherry picking some traditions and disregarding others."

Ray, who famously took a stand against the "hierarchy of the Catholic Church" live on air this year, said that they haven't opted for a religious ceremony.

But he said that Jenny is particularly protective about some aspects of the planning.

"The ceremony definitely won't take place in a church, but Jenny is staying traditional when it comes to the dress," Ray said.

"She won't let me see the dress until the big day. I'm being kept in the dark about that.

"Anytime I go near her laptop she screams 'Don't look at that.'

"It's going to be a great day but we've still a lot to organise."

Ray said that both he and Jenny, who produces his radio show, are taking parenting in their stride with their second child Tom -- a little brother to Kate (6).

"I feel much more relaxed as a parent the second time round," he said. "I think the first time, you are on high alert.

"But when Tom was born in June, I remember the midwife said that all parents realise two things by the time their second baby is born.

"The first realisation is the baby does not break.

"The second is that every parent wishes their second baby could have been their first, because you know what you're dealing with."

But the Kildare man said that they don't plan on adding anymore to their brood.

"I don't think we'll have any more kids. When I was 18 I wanted nine children, I'm from a big family," Ray said.

"But then life took over and my career took over.

"We didn't have Kate till I was 42.

"And when Tom is celebrating his 21st I'll be 69. So I think we'll stay with just the two."

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