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Jenny says stuff to Ray that only a wife can ... we all find it hilarious

What a difference a week makes. This time last week I was in Tenerife lapping up the sun.

My partner Louis Ronan, my son Dara and I rang in the New Year there – which was absolutely brilliant.

But the holiday flew by and I was straight back to work and the school run on Monday morning.

My son Dara was not happy about going back to school – I don't think any kids are delighted to get back to homework.

He's in first class and was thrilled to be hanging out with all his pals and sussing out what Santy brought them.

He also adores his teacher Miss Neville – he thinks she's the best.

He got all his Christmas Exam results and he got 100pc in maths.

He doesn't get that from me; I'm absolutely useless at maths. So I was thrilled I was going around telling everyone my son is a genius!

I'm back in with Ray on Today FM. It was the first proper week back which is always a bit scary after weeks of watching TV and sitting on the sofa.

But it's such a great team – no one has ever left the team. There's real banter both on and off the airwaves.

Ray's wife Jenny is back after maternity leave and it's great having her back. She can say things to Ray which only a wife can, which is generally hilarious for us.

It's been a really manic week – what with the radio show, school runs in the morning and getting ready for my new TV show; Ireland's Fittest Family.

It starts tomorrow night at 7pm on RTE One and I cannot wait to see it.

Working on the show gave me a kickstart to get healthy. I remember I arrived on the first day and thought "Sh**e, I really need to up my game. Stop ordering curries on a Friday night!"

So I started eating more healthily and training harder.

Of course that all went out the window over Christmas. There were tins of Roses everywhere in the office and too many mince pies and whipped cream.

Today FM is located on Digges Lane and there are tons of fab restaurants.

But I've started the New Year with a bang and I'm back in the gym and eating healthily. I went to the gym three times this week and as a result am walking down the stairs like a giant crab.

Louis and I train together, which is great motivation.

We go to a gym called FFS – before you jump to any conclusions that stands for Fitter, Faster, Stronger. It's on Leeson Street and it's all about metabolic fitness training.

After Christmas my skin wasn't in the best nick; probably a mix of the weather and eating chocolates, but one of my friends bought me a facial voucher.

I always walk away from a treatment feeling like I'm walking on a cloud. Plus, my skin always feels fantastic and looks dewy.

I don't make New Year's resolutions because I always end up breaking them. It's the same with diets – the minute I know I can't have something all I want is dairy milk and pizzas.

Having said that, I am trying to eat healthier so plenty of steaks and salads – there's no point on hitting the gym if I'm stuffing my face with McDonald's every night.

On Thursday I will be catching up on TV. I prefer watching the news or Primetime than DVDs or Box Sets.

And on Friday I have a hot date with Louis – we'll go to the gym and then head out to load up on healthy food.

On Saturday I'm going to my best friend's son's birthday party which will be lovely.

On Sunday, I'll be taking it easy – reading the papers and going for a long walk in the Botanic Gardens.