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Jenny and I will marry next year - so it'll be a busy one!

NEXT year is going to be a fairly big year for Jenny and I.

We met when she was a researcher on the show and she is my best friend -- I think that is the key to a good relationship.

We're getting married in 2013 and Jenny has already started planning our wedding.

It will take place in Ireland. We've started talking to people but not everything has been tied down.

It's very exciting but I'm 48 and Jenny is 40, and I think it will be very different to the sort of wedding a couple in their 20s would have.

It will be pretty laid back and will have our stamp all over it.

We're cherry-picking some traditions and disregarding others.

The ceremony definitely won't take place in a church, but Jenny is staying traditional when it comes to the dress.

She won't let me see it until the big day. I'm being kept in the dark about that.

Anytime I go near her laptop she screams "Don't look at that! Don't look at that!"

It's going to be a great day but we've still a lot to organise.