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Jen and I are the bust of friends, says Bernard

IF the bra fits – most men feel a tad uneasy wandering around shopping aisles filled with bustiers and balconette bras.

But Republic of Telly's Bernard O'Shea says he's happiest when he's underwear shopping with co-host Jennifer Maguire.

"Jennifer and I do everything together," he told the Herald.

"We went bra shopping the other day and we're actually the same cup size so that's handy. We go shopping together a lot actually. Sometimes it can be a little weird because we'll end up wearing the same clothes to an event – that's pretty embarrassing. I always tell her to change and she usually does," he joked.

Republic of Telly fans were shocked this year when front man Dermot Whelan announced he would no longer host the flagship show.

And Bernard says the witty broadcaster will be sorely missed on set. "I'm heartbroken Dermot is going," he said.

"I will miss him an incredible amount but the show must go on. He said it the week before so we weren't in the dark."

With Dermot out of the way, Bernard could be next in line to take the top spot on the hit show. But the chatty stand-up says he lets RTE make those calls.

"I will be happy whether they bring in a host or whether I host or Jennifer hosts, who knows? It's a great show so we'll see how things go," he said.

Bernard was talking at the launch of Vodafone's take Centre Stage launch and said right now all his energy is directed towards the New Comedy Awards.

"The standard is unbelievably high now and I can't wait to see who gets the top prize," he said.