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Jedward's Liam is fighting fit after pneumonia battle

JEDWARD'S road manager Liam McKenna has revealed he is back to full health after his recent bout of pneumonia.

The 31-year-old told the Herald he is feeling healthy and well after spending two weeks in hospital.

"I'm fine now, I'm feeling pretty good. I had two weeks holidays in fairness, so that was nice. Granted, they were spent in hospital, but that's alright," said the former Six singer.

Despite the high pressure of looking after hair-raising twins John and Edward Grimes, Liam insisted he is extremely lucky and knows he has one of the best jobs around.

"I have a great time, it's better than having a job where I'm sitting at a desk all day. I can't complain, it's a lot of fun."

The Tyrone native was forced to back out of TV3's Celebrity Come Dine With Me last month, when he was struck down suddenly by the illness.

Having returned to his post in charge of Jedward, Liam, who is also Louis Walsh's personal assistant, is working around the clock with the duo as they prepare for their Eurovision bid in Azerbaijan.

There are a hectic few weeks ahead for the ex-popstar, as the Waterline singers are due to film their upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary series for RTE, in between rehearsals and more overseas appearances.

"We were in Amsterdam over the weekend, came home to film scenes for the RTE show Road To Eurovision and today we're off to Newcastle. It's mad busy."

The Celebrity Big Brother stars were left rattled on Sunday in the Netherlands, when they crashed into a barge.

"They were fine, but they were concentrating too much on pictures for fans that the barge went straight into their little paddle boat."

Liam added that the boys have been forced to cancel a private gig in Shanghai, after they discovered there was no way they could fit it into their busy schedules.

"We were planning on doing the Late Late Show, then flying from Dublin to London, to Shanghai, and then to Baku.

"But we just couldn't fit it all in, it would have been too close to the competition."

The boys have hired full- time security as they travel over to Azerbaijan on May 11, and Liam divulged they've been meeting regularly with bosses at RTE to discuss the team's safety, amid Islamic terror threats.