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Jedward's last minute rush to make video

JEDWARD were at panic stations this week when they realised they hadn't recorded a video for their latest single.

The 20-year-old twins only realised on Monday that they needed a video for Young Love, which hit shelves yesterday.

The hair-raising duo kept it cool though, and told the Herald that they've now become music directors -- after taking on the task themselves.

"We only found out last minute when the single was coming out because we've been getting ready for our tour.

"We just decided to do it ourselves. We wrote out a storyboard, filmed it and edited it all ourselves.

"So we took a day out of dance rehearsals, got a camera and recorded it all in one day.

"We just called the Olympia and went down there - it's a real movie, cinematic style of video, it'll make a big impact," Edward said.

In fact, the Grimes brothers may consider making a career out of directing in the future.

"We've done two videos now and we're getting really good.

"We're going to invest in a really good camera, a weird, expensive one and go around filming everything," said John.