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Jedward want to be in Harry Potter

Jedward have said they'd love to star in the Harry Potter films.

John and Edward Grimes, famously known as the X Factor twins, would love nothing more than to appear in the film franchise, which has propelled Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint to worldwide fame.

"We love Harry Potter, we can't wait to do all this stuff... Can you imagine us as wizards?" they said on Live From Studio Five.

The twins' quiff has risen to new heights, garnering more attention than they ever thought possible.

Asked if they would shave their hair off to get to No 1, John said: "We'd give everything a try," but Edward was quick to disagree: "I don't think so!"

They said it doesn't take them long to style their hair, but it's a different story for their stylists.

"We throw a load of c**p on it, but our stylists spend loads of time. Our stylists are like 'Oh my God, it's the Jedward quiff, I've got to get it perfect!"