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Jedward visit The Herald with news for fans

JEDWARD have joined up with the Herald to offer lucky readers the chance to win tickets to their hit pantomime.

The twins took time out of their busy schedule to stop by their favourite newspaper to meet staff and speak about their second bid for Eurovision glory.

John and Edward Grimes (20) visited our newsroom and production deparment at Herald HQ on Talbot Street in central Dublin.

The boys were impressed with how fast and efficiently the newspaper is produced everyday at Independent House.

"It's our favourite paper," beamed John. "It's got all the celebrity and showbiz goss that we love and gets the news first,."

And now they promised fans who joined them for the site visit that Jedward And The Beanstalk will be a real treat and readers will have a chance to win tickets (See page 21).

The twins dismissed any talk of Eurosong being a "one-horse race" now that they have entered again.

The singers blasted critics who say that none of the other four acts have a hope of stealing a victory in the televised singing competition.

But the confident duo say that even if they don't represent Ireland at Azerbaijan in May 2012, their Eurosong entry is still a sure-fire hit.

John said: "It's not going to be a one-horse race because last year, the result was really tight, just one point, because the whole rules were changed. Even if we don't win Eurosong we'll still go over to Azerbaijan and our song will still go number one in Europe.

"It's like a running race and we're like Usain Bolt. There's no point in sending your B team to Eurovision, you have to send your A team.

"We look cool, we've got a great performance, we've got loads of energy and we'll have a great song. We also have loads of fans across Europe. It's about creating a vibe and a hysteria, not just standing on the stage going 'yeah we're from Ireland'.

"We just need to focus now and get a really good song."

Edward added: "We're so excited about it. Louis has loads of songs for us, around 20 in total, and we're going to sit down with him and listen to them all to pick out the best. It's crazy thinking we're going to do it again."

They'd love to do reality TV. "We want to do all the reality shows at some point like Dancing On Ice and I'm A Celebrity. It's awesome doing shows like that because our fans get to see who we really are."

The pair are gearing up to take to the stage next month alongside Linda Martin for their panto, which runs at the Olympia Theatre from December 22, with tickets on sale now.