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Jedward: The Movie

WE'VE had Jedward the music stars, the TV idols and the video game -- but now for Jedward the Movie. Pop guru Louis Walsh says that after getting the green light for a second attempt at the Eurovision, the next big move for Jedward could be their own feature film.

The Herald can reveal that John and Edward have been approached by top production companies to make a semi-biographical movie which will see the successful brothers sing, act and dance.

Louis confirmed that after two successful pantos at The Olympia, the boys could also turn their hands to the West End and the big screen.

"Anything is possible with these guys, they could do it, who thought that they would even get this far? They are booked up right now, it's going to be a busy year for them but they love it. We are talking about the musical now and doing it this year. It's going to be fantastic," he explained.


An insider close to the pop stars said making a film is the next logical move. "These guys can sell anything, from hairspray, to phones to their music and moving into film just makes sense. They have had massive interest from the Disney channel and John and Edward are just starting to shoot a new series for Channel 5.

"And now they have already been approached to make a movie. Several top companies have pitched ideas to the guys," the source explained.

They added that film companies are hoping to make a "Spice World type movie" with the Eurovision stars.

It would see the duo sing as well as act in the film. But finding the time to make a movie would prove difficult. "There was great success for Spice Girls when they did their movie and Jedward's would be in the same vein, nothing too serious. The only problem is trying to find the time to fit it all into their schedule," the insider added.

However, Jedward's triumph at Friday night's Eurosong was shrouded in controversy today after causing a spat between Louis Walsh and The Voice judge Brian Kennedy.

Louis has branded Kennedy "bitter" after he criticised Jedward's performance of Waterline. "The problem is it's all over for Brian," said the X Factor judge, adding: "I really hope that Jedward don't end up like Brian Kennedy -- bitter, without a record deal and taking any silly reality show that comes his way. Jedward are multi-millionaires, they're making their third album, they're working all around the world and they're having the time of their lives. Bitter people like Brian just can't stand that."

His comments came after Kennedy described Jedward's Eurovision entry as "boring".

"Where will it end? Poor Jedward. No amount of jumping around will be enough," he said.