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Jedward star grins and bares it

This picture of a shirtless Edward Grimes has caused a fan frenzy on the internet.

The other half of Jedward, John, posted the picture earlier this week of his brother, describing it as 'the day before their audition' [for X Factor] on their Twitter page.

And fans eager to see the pair practising their vocals or dance moves were shocked when they instead saw a picture of Edward with no top on as he leaned his face against a wall.

With nearly 50,000 followers on the social networking site, only one seemed to speak about how uncomfortable she felt looking at the photo.

She wrote: "OMG eww this is clearly from back before you were 18 omg eww I'm looking at an underage shirtless kid."

However, not all of the fuss was negative -- most of their fans seemed to appreciate seeing a steamier side of the boys, with some even saying they were brought to tears.

"Omg i have butterflies anytime I look at this and I cry" one fan wrote. Another said: "Omg lush pic."

The Lucan twins are famous for having dedicated fans who stick with them through thick and thin.

While the pair are still expanding their fanbase, they are currently working on their debut album in London and it has been revealed that they will be getting a helping hand from one of Ireland's most successful performers.

Boyzone's Shane Lynch will be lending his talents to the twins for one song on the highly anticipated album.

Although their album will be jam-packed with new material, they will be revisiting some of their most popular hits from their stint on the show as well.

"We'll definitely do Ghostbusters. I would like it to be used on the new Ghostbusters movie," John said.

On Monday night, the boys appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside US actress Brooke Shields, who joked that she would bring the boys back home for her children as a "playtoy".