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Jedward, remember the sports trophy you won a while back? It seems to have done a runner

THE former athletics coaches of Jedward are appealing to the pop stars to give back a club trophy which they've been holding for the past two years.

John Grimes, who was a talented athlete before his X Factor fame, appears to have forgotten to return the trophy after he won a prestigious race at the club in 2008, according to trainers from Lucan Harriers Athletics Club (LHAC).

John was crowned the Lucan Harriers' Road Champion two years ago, after running a senior four-mile race while he was still a juvenile athlete.

But in 2009, when the time came to return the 25-year-old trophy, John and his twin brother Edward, known to millions of fans as Jedward, were in the throes of X Factor auditions and John could not be contacted to return the award. Now the twins' old coaches are appealing to the boys to get in touch with them and give the trophy back so that other deserving winners can receive the trophy.

One club coach, Gerry Martin, said: "They did win, and I was coaching them at the time. It was during their last season with Lucan before they became famous.

"The cup hasn't come back. I was involved myself in getting it donated by the Credit Union."

Another coach added: "It's two years ago that it was won and we're not having much luck getting it back. It goes back 25 years in the club and it's been handed down, year on year. The chap who got it this year didn't get it, and the chap who got it last year didn't get it."

While the twins soak up the limelight, other talented athletes in Lucan are losing out on having their names engraved on the trophy.

"They're fairly uncontactable now and you wouldn't know where they are. When it didn't turn up after the first year, we thought they forgot about it," said another club source.

The cup was presented to the club by the Credit Union, and club members say it would now be impossible to reproduce the cup and retrace all the previous winners.

"It was a senior race and the cup was presented to the club in the early Eighties and there were a lot of names on it. We're just disappointed, and we're wondering where it went. It shouldn't come to this."

According to Gerry, John could run 1500ms in 4.17 minutes while a "really good" runner would run it in four minutes.


"They were quite good and they still are. You just have to watch them onstage, jumping around, and they're doing that because their bodies are able to. They were good lads and quite capable of going on and achieving in athletics."

John Grimes proved strongest in the four-mile race "in the terrible conditions prevailing on the night in Griffeen Park (Lucan)", according to the Lucan Harriers website.