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Jedward fear their clogged fountain will be damp squib

JEDWARD'S Eurovision dreams could come crashing down around them if they can't fix their clogged water fountain for the Saturday night final.

Competition bosses in Baku have complained about the amount of water left on stage, after dozens of sequins from the twins' costumes blocked the huge prop's tank.

Production staff have been unhappy about the volume of water sprayed around the stage during John and Edward's big Waterline finish and there are now fears that the fountain could be banned from their routine.

It was panic stations for the singing sensations today as the Lucan brothers' and their team scrambled to rectify the situation.

An insider said the fountain holds over 50 litres of water and that only a "bucketful" was being left on the stage -- but because it is the first time a prop like this has been used in the Eurovision, organisers were worried.

The boys have also spoken of the water in the tank being disgusting as it hasn't been changed for weeks.

An insider told the Herald that the clogging issue will be sorted and the water clean for the finale. "It's not affecting the running of the fountain but it has to be cleaned out today as it got a little bit messy. The fountain has to stay in the backstage area of the hall, but the water technician who's looking after it will be spending a couple of hours to make sure everything is perfect and ready to go for Saturday. He'll dismantle it and unclog all the sequins that are stuck there.

"As far as we're aware, a simple readjustment to the head on it would stop water from showering everywhere, so that's another solution. "They won't be getting rid of the fountain."

A source added that the 20-year-old X Factor graduates sewed on some "extra bling" to their costumes themselves that they bought in a local market in Baku. A large number of them fell off while they were jumping and dancing on stage, causing the problem.

Despite hiccups, there seems to be no end to Jedward's popularity in Azerbaijan. Their fans are so hardcore that a number from Ireland and the UK followed them to Baku to cheer them on.