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Jedmania hits Dundrum

They came, they saw -- and they screamed the place down.

Jedmania swept across the capital city this weekend as hundreds of enthusiastic youngsters flocked to HMV outlets on Grafton Street, in Dundrum Town Centre and Heatons in Charlestown Shopping Centre just to get close to their madcap idols.

Some desperate fans of Jedward stars John and Edward Grimes (19) even resorted to sleeping overnight outside the stores to be sure of nabbing a coveted wristband to access the signings at Dundrum and Charlestown.

The event, to promote the X Factor stars' new album Victory, and saw them perform for their fans and sign a whopping 2,500 copies of their CD by the end of the day.

"It was pretty cool. It's a very emotional day for me, it's my second album signing, I'm so proud of myself," said Edward.

Some 400 lucky fans secured wristbands which allowed them meet the pop superstars, who are gearing up for Celebrity Big Brother, while 100 more won tickets in a competition.

And there's no sign of Jedmania abating this weekend, with the twins doing signings all around the country as they celebrate their new single, Bad Behaviour, reaching No 1 in the Irish charts.