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Jason Mraz's nuptials are on hold

Jason Mraz is planning to put his wedding plans on hold until same-sex marriages are legal in the US.

The chart-topping star, who popped the question to girlfriend Tristan Prettyman, who inspired his hit I'm Yours, in December, reckons the couple would have around a two or three year wait.

"Before I got engaged, I said that I don't want to get married until marriage is equal for all, so now I'm engaged, and we want to get married some day - this kind of really puts us in the fight," he told People.com.

For now, he has revealed how being engaged has changed his life.

"It's great - just in general in my world, I see life through a completely different filter," he said.

"There's actually more freedom. Now I really get something to be romantic about. It isn't just about looking romantic or wondering where my next opportunity to be romantic will be. Now I know where it's at."

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