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Janet ready to rock as she sheds girly image

X FACTOR star Janet Devlin is a closet rock fan and will have no problems tackling this week's theme on tonight's live show.

The Tyrone hopeful is looking forward to breaking out of the "only ballads" mould she has garnered in the competition.

The 16-year-old is gearing up to take on her biggest challenge on the TV3 series to-date -- and pals have warned audiences to expect to see the shy schoolgirl rock out on stage.

"She's into every style of music, but she really does enjoy rock -- she's looking forward to tomorrow," best friend Megan Sweeney (17) told the Herald.

"One of the heavier bands she's like are the American group System Of A Down, so it definitely is her thing."


"She wants to show audiences that she doesn't need to stick to soft, sad songs --she can be energetic too," said Megan,.

"This is where it gets funny and difficult because people think she's only good at ballads -- that's not quite true," mum Patricia added. "I'd probably prefer that style, but it's good to show she has versatility, she needs that in the competition." Redhead Janet attended We Will Rock You in London's West End on Wednesday night with her fellow contestants, as they prepare to get in character for this weekend's instalment.

Although Girls mentor Kelly Rowland has yet to reveal her song choice for the Irish wannabe this week, mum Patricia (47) revealed that her talented daughter is a self-taught guitar player and even has a drum kit -- so there could be a surprise in store for viewers.


Fears have been raised that Janet's sweet voice cannot handle the heavy notes of a rock anthem.

Critics of the rising star have expressed concerns that she may be a "one trick pony". However, close friend Rachel Clarkson (17) rubbished the idea: "Her YouTube channel and the variety of songs she has posted, proves that she can do anything."

With nine videos uploaded to her dedicated YouTube channel -- prior to becoming an overnight sensation during the summer -- Janet has racked up a staggering 5,665,218 views from adoring fans.