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Janet fired up for X Factor live shows

X FACTOR star Janet Devlin has been transformed into a flaming Irish red-head for the hit show.

The schoolgirl singer has revealed her new look ahead of this weekend's live finals of the TV3 series -- and she's looking more Irish than ever.

The 16-year-old has been transformed as part of a makeover for the 16 hopefuls, as they gear up to take to the stage on Saturday in front of 20 million viewers.

Sweet-singing Janet first showed off some sleek tresses in the closing credits of last Sunday's episode, with fans getting a sneak preview of the Co Tyrone student sporting straightened, slightly tinted hair.

But in pictures taken this week of the contestants at the X Factor house, it's obvious that Janet has ditched her previously blonde look for more mature, flame-coloured waves instead.

Celebrity judge Kelly Rowland has been adamant that she had no plans to dramatically change her protegees' images, but that she would only focus on accentuating her girls' stronger features.

"I remember writing down notes on different things we could play up -- her eyes, her face is really cute, maybe they should cut her hair like this so you can see her face."

"A lot of them have their own style," the Destiny's Child singer said.

"I would never completely transform someone because you're stripping them of everything they are."

Kelly (30) admitted that she carried pictures of her chosen acts with her after being assigned her category and, while there are no intentions to give her hopefuls a complete overhaul, she would tweak their appearances to stand out.

"I set their pictures in front of me -- I did that the day we got the girls," the brunette beauty revealed.

"We know Janet is solemn -- she doesn't like to wear shoes. She isn't ever going to wear shoes if she doesn't want to -- I love her look."

Janet beat thousands of wannabes to land herself a spot in the last four female acts and will perform alongside Misha Bryan (19), Sophie Habibas (19) and Amelia Lily (16) in a double-bill opener of the live instalment of the contest.

Despite claims that the budding popstar has been plagued with nerves and worry since impressing at her audition, her family and friends have stressed that she is living her dream and has no problems on stage.

"This is what she wants to do with her life, I was livid when I heard reports that she couldn't cope," mum Patricia Devlin told the Herald.