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Janet faces makeover madness, warns Rebecca

Former X Factor contestant Rebecca Creighton is warning Janet Devlin to expect little sleep ahead of the live shows, as TV bosses turn up the pressure.

The 21-year-old -- part of girl group Belle Amie -- said Janet should prepare herself for hours of training and lengthy stints in the beauty department, as she gears up for the next instalment of the series.

Tallaght native Rebecca made it into the fourth week of the live finals last year with her group and has been giving advice to the Irish contestant.

"The bosses have a vision in their head of what they want and they'll go ahead and do it, loads of people were given a new image last year," she revealed to the Herald. "It takes an entire day to discuss your makeover -- you talk with stylists, hair and make-up artists -- your image is huge for the show, very important."

The Dublin singer, who had her hair dyed red every week, said the 16 finalists could anticipate hours of primping and prodding to maintain their new looks.

"They coloured my hair every week when I was there, it had to look perfect all the time."

Top beauticians are enlisted on the Friday before each weekend event to give the contestants the X Factor overhaul.

"In between sound checks they meet you and you get your nails, hair and fake tan done -- even the lads," Rebecca said. And the contestants even have to get their teeth whitened for the cameras.

"We wanted to look different with our appearance, but it didn't work out like that at all -- you just have to be happy with what they do.

"But the judges are younger now, so they may be letting the singers do their own thing -- it makes me jealous," she admitted.

One of music mogul Simon Cowell's proteges on the 2010 programme, Rebecca also warned that in order to succeed in the contest, you have to develop a thick skin.

"Do not look at anything said about you in the media because all it does is completely throws you off completely and can knock you back," she warned.

"You have to be a warrior to survive the X Factor, I think Janet needs to be tough to get through it.

"She's really good and you warm to her really well -- but she reminds me of Diana Vickers and that's been done already.

"She has to pull something else out of the bag because she's not that unique yet."

Janet (16) moved into her temporary home on Monday and will stay until -- or if -- she is given the axe.