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Jamie pledges global battle of the bulge

Jamie Oliver has called for a "global movement to make obesity a human rights issue" and urged a million people to sign a petition.

The food campaigner and celebrity chef wants obesity to be on the agenda at a UN summit on disease and compared the "epidemic" to the Aids crisis.

Addressing the One Young World conference in Switzerland last night, Oliver (36) said: "Obesity needs to be on every government agenda.

"It should be as important as the fight against Aids and climate change. It has to become the national health priority."

The young people who attended the summit in Zurich heard the TV cook say: "We need a global movement to make obesity a human rights issue. We need to get people worried and angry all over the world."


His aim is to encourage heads of state and the UN Secretary-General at the summit on non-communicable disease in New York on September 20 to "sit up and take notice".

He said: "Help me to take the 'food revolution' global, and get one million signatures on my petition. I promise to send it to Ban Ki-moon with a message on your behalf, challenging him to make this his mission."

He told the audience he wanted to help countries keep their traditional diets, and educate people about food.

Oliver said: "With our western-style diets, our biggest problems are a direct result of what the experts call 'bad feeding' -- which basically means eating a load of rubbish highly processed food that's jammed full of salt, fats, sugars, additives, and cheap processed meats.

"Diet-related diseases are two of the top five causes of premature death for people under 60 years old. They look set to create an absolute catastrophe over the next 30 to 40 years if nothing changes."