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Jamie gets stick from pals over yoga class

IRISH rugby player Jamie Heaslip has revealed how he has given his performances on the pitch a boost by taking up yoga.

The 6ft 4in sportsman began taking weekly classes late last year and says that he is already reaping the benefits.


Jamie (27) admits that he has been the recipient of some jibes from his teammates as a result, but insists he won't let it stop him from continuing with his new hobby.

"I got a good bit of abuse about that but I'm always a man for trying new things out," he said.

"I've been doing it for the last few weeks and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. There are all different types of yoga, it's not the hot one, I couldn't hack it.

"I don't know which type it is but it's very kind of relaxing and you do some meditation with stretching. I am pretty flexible."

Leinster player Heaslip had to be taken off the field during last Friday night's victorious game against the Ospreys at the RDS when he suffered his second ankle injury in the space of a month.

The Naas player, who was interviewed on 2fm's Weekender' programme with Ruth Scott and Paddy McKenna on Saturday afternoon, explained how he had had his ankle on ice all weekend as a result.

He went on to reveal how his friend and teammate Jonathan Sexton had visited him earlier that day in order to keep him company and to check out his new British bulldog, Jay-Z, as he is thinking of getting one himself.

Sexton has also been suffering from injury lately after picking up a calf strain during training last week.

Both players are now hoping that they will have recovered fully in time to take part in Leinster's Heineken Cup Match against Saracens at the RDS next Saturday.

"I've a bit of a dinky ankle right now that I hurt on Friday night," Jamie explained. "I separated ligaments in it a while ago and then I took a bang on it. I tried to play on but they got the shepherd's hook out and took the old man off.

"I always play to win, I'm pretty confident about the Six Nations and even further down the line, I think we can win the World Cup.


"There's a lot that can happen between now and then. As long as we're winning I don't really mind," he added.

The talented rugby player was determined he would not be giving anything away when it came to the topic of his lovelife however, declining to give an answer when asked if he is currently single or not.

"I like to keep my personal life somewhat private," he said.