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James is on track to top Christmas chart -- Louis

LOUIS Walsh says he thinks X Factor winner James Arthur's song will be the Christmas number one.

"He can't miss, it is the biggest selling record. On Sunday night (after the final) there were 190,000 sales and they were real sales, I hope James gets it."

Despite negative reports about the latest series, Louis said, "it is still the biggest show on TV and had 20 million people watching over the two nights last weekend."

He also revealed he believes Union J, who he mentored on the series this year, "are going to be the next boy band. They are going to be like Boyzone or Westlife. They will be the next boy band; they have definitely got a fantastic shot at it and everywhere they go people are talking about them".

He said he would like to see the band "get a record deal, a good manager and some really good songs and a plan". "There is good chemistry, they are good kids and they have something; you can always tell who has it."

As well as talent, "you have to have the ambition, the work ethic, the drive and the belief. That is almost as important as the talent. It is hard work, it is a tough business".

Louis said he has had a tough year but, "I am over all the traumas and getting on with life now".