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Jade's boys 'never stop talking of mummy'

Jade Goody's children have not stopped talking about their mother since the day she died, their father Jeff Brazier said today.

Bobby (6) and Freddy (5) will mark their first Mother's Day without Goody next month on the first anniversary of the star's death from cervical cancer.

TV presenter Brazier told Woman's Own: "Mother's Day is hugely significant, but I'm not going to impress that on the boys or remind them how they've been without their mum for a year.

"I'll say, 'Let's remember mummy, it's Mother's Day', but not mention it's the day mummy died.

"We'll be going to mummy's special place -- her grave. It's beautiful there. We're not going to sit down and talk about Jade because we've been talking about her since the day she died."


"You can see she's always on their minds. I'm not expecting them to forget about Jade and I don't want them to."

Brazier (30) said it would be "a huge problem" if his children -- who are having grief counselling -- asked him if their mother was ever coming back.

"It would mean they didn't understand that Heaven meant forever and I wouldn't be doing my job properly," he said.

Brazier, who was left full custody of the former couple's two children when Goody died in March, said the boys will also spend Mother's Day with his mother Janette (46) who is helping to raise them.