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Jackson doctor to hand himself in

Michael Jackson's doctor is due to surrender to authorities whether he is charged or not, his legal team said.

The move came after lawyers for Dr Conrad Murray said they were tired of waiting for word from prosecutors about when he would be charged.

Dr Murray, who has a practice in Houston, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada, has been in Los Angeles for the past week and available to surrender since Tuesday.

"We are going to be at the courthouse at 1.30 (pm) for his surrender," said Miranda Sevcik, spokeswoman for Murray's legal team.

"We see no reason to perpetuate the arbitrary situation any longer."

The district attorney's office has not confirmed if or when it will be charging Dr Murray, though prosecutors have been reviewing the case for weeks. But Dr Murray's team sees a charge as inevitable, Ms Sevcik said.

"We know he's going to be charged with involuntary manslaughter and we are ready with a counter-argument," she said. "He's not guilty - that's our argument."

It remains to be seen whether the bizarre prospect of Dr Murray trying to surrender without a criminal case being filed will come to pass.

The move follows three days of negotiations in which Dr Murray's lawyers have tried to arrange with prosecutors for the Houston doctor to surrender for booking and arraignment.

Those plans were derailed by haggling between prosecutors and law enforcement officials over whether the doctor should be arrested or allowed to turn himself in.

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