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Jackson doctor 'in court on Friday'

Michael Jackson's doctor will appear in court on Friday over the death of the pop star, a source said.

Dr Conrad Murray will be arraigned at a court near Los Angeles International Airport, according to a person familiar with the planning.

Prosecutors have refused to say when or whether they will charge Dr Murray, but two law enforcement sources have said prosecutors plan to charge him with involuntary manslaughter.

Dr Murray and his legal team said earlier they had not received word about a decision from the district attorney. His lawyer Ed Chernoff said Dr Murray will surrender if charged.

Lawyers for Dr Murray met to discuss his defence strategy if he is charged.

"We are prepared for whatever occurs," Mr Chernoff said. "We have time to meet and strategise for possible scenarios, but in reality we've had eight months to do that."

The arrival in Los Angeles of Dr Murray and Mr Chernoff in recent days from Houston, Texas, led to a new round of speculation that a charge could be announced this week.

"There's no joy in representing someone who shouldn't be charged in the first place," Mr Chernoff said. "There's some truth to the proposition that the waiting is the hardest part."

Police have been investigating Dr Murray since Jackson's death on June 25 last year. The doctor told detectives he had given the 50-year-old singer a powerful anaesthetic and other sedatives to get the chronic insomniac star to sleep. Jackson died soon afterwards.

Dr Murray maintains nothing he gave Jackson should have killed him.