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I've turned down a BBC slot to spend Christmas at home

I'VE decided against doing the BBC Radio slot this Christmas, despite them very kindly asking me to go again.

We'll most likely do something later on next year as they're very keen for more and I'm happy to do a bit more.

RTE are happy for me to do a bit of it as well but what I decided was, 'I just need to stop' because I'll burn out and I want to have a proper break at Christmas. I want to enjoy my friends and my family and I want to go for long walks and watch TV and eat chocolate and do a bit of writing.

For me, it will be all about me enjoying myself and something had to give, so I decided to pull back on working work with the BBC.

I'm delighted that I did as it's actually put me in good form, knowing that I'm not going to be working.

I'm going to have a real family Christmas and I'm really excited about it as it means I'll be around people that I love. I'm always around on Christmas Day but this is the first time I'll be around for the bits afterwards because the anchor will go down and I'm looking forward to that immensely.