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I've just had a baby... so Stop hassling me about having another one, says TV3 ANNA

TV presenter Anna Daly has hit out at the pressure on young women in Ireland.

The TV3 host has revealed that despite only having given birth to her first baby boy James last August, she is already being quizzed about giving him a little brother or sister.

"I do get asked that and I constantly feel like society wants to rush you," Anna (33) told the Herald.

"When I first met Ben, it was like 'do you think you might move in together'. And then when we bought the house together, it was like 'When are you getting married'. After that comes the kid question constantly and there never comes a moment where you're just allowed to stand still.

"I need to work on a good fob-off excuse. I don't want him to be an only child. But I'm nowhere near over the shock of having him so I couldn't even think about another one now."

Anna also explained how becoming a mum has made her far more focused on getting things done. "Before you have a child, you can afford to sit on the couch in the evenings and put the hand washing off for another night. But I have no choice now but to be organised. You just go into a different mode and you're constantly on the go but it's all worth it," she continued.

Married to Ben since September 2008, she has also indulged her inner Nigella Lawson in the wake of having baby James.


"I'm no domestic goddess by any means but Ben's so good at the cooking, I tended to take my foot off the gas and let him do it all. But now I've started making all of James's food and I really enjoy doing it.

"I made a big cottage pie at the weekend and I divided it all into little ramekins to freeze them and Ben said 'I wouldn't have minded a cottage pie myself!'"

Her mum Ann has also been helping her out since she went back to work in February on Ireland AM.

She was filming in Crumlin Children's Hospital this week where she met some of the young patients, and was deeply affected by her visit.

"Some of them have chronic illnesses or life-threatening conditions but they're so brave. Having a child makes those kind of features so much harder," she said. "My heart is heavy just thinking about them."