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I've filmed three shows... but still found time to hit town with my pal Brian

I'm kind of tired because we've filmed three of my new RTE shows in the space of a week, so I've been flat out.

I was out last weekend and had a good bit of craic as I hadn't been out in a while. After filming the show on Saturday night, I headed into Lillie's Bordello for a few drinks with some pals and that was great fun -- I wasn't feeling the best on Sunday though.

On Monday and Tuesday, it was back to work on The Big Fat Breakfast Show so we had lots of scripts edits and celebrity guests in. We had actress Denise Welch on and she's so cool. I'm a big fan now. I found her disarmingly honest and she's a great ambassador for women.

She's had a colourful life, she's been through a lot and she seems well able to take whatever is thrown at her. She told us all about her experience on Celebrity Big Brother and what she went through after leaving the house and we also talked about her 'younger man' Lincoln Townley.

Everyone keeps going on about the age gap between them but he's actually 39 -- it's not like he's a schoolboy. Even still, I couldn't help asking her if she was going to marry him or foster him.

Tuesday night, myself and my pal Brian Dowling decided to unwind after a hectic few days so we headed into Glitz bar on Stephen's Green for a few vodkas and cranberries, which were gorgeous.

I love working with Brian on the show and the funniest parts of it are probably off camera between me and him.

We had this lovely guy Rav Wilding from Crimewatch UK on the programme, he's gorgeous and we were totally flirting with him. The next minute, Brian's button burst and went ricocheting around the room and we couldn't stop laughing.

For a few minutes, all we were getting in our ear was the producer going, "Okay guys, move it along now." After the show, he goes, "imagine we get paid for having that much fun". It's very unusual you find someone you work that well with. Normally there's some resentment or jealousy between two presenters but it's just perfect with us. He's good cop and I'm bad cop.

Needless to say, after the drinks on Tuesday night, I was feeling it the next day so I was quite delicate on Wednesday. I also had to shoot an ad for Barnardo's for its new 2fm Dress Up Funny For Money campaign.

There were loads of us doing it, like Ryan Tubridy and Hector O hEochagain, and it was great fun. I was delighted to be able to help out.

This weekend I'll probably take it easy and head down to see my mammy in Leitrim and have a nice home-cooked dinner and just relax.

We've got one more show to make next week and then that's it for now.

I'm planning to head off to India for Christmas but I'll have to see what happens with the apartment, everything hinges on that.

The Big Fat Breakfast Show starts on RTE 2 on Tuesday, October 30