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I've been Transformed into a fitness fanatic ... I even beat Kathryn in a race - Siobhan


Kathryn Thomas. Photo: Collins

Kathryn Thomas. Photo: Collins

Kathryn Thomas. Photo: Collins

A mother says she has transformed into a "running nerd" since losing more than three stone on RTE's Operation Transformation.

Siobhan McKillen (36) from Dublin said she has found a real passion for running after she finished Operation Transformation. But she did admit: "I didn't like it at all when I was doing the show."

"When I'm not running, I get runner envy looking at other people running. I'm always wondering where they're going, what they're wearing.

"I've become such a runner nerd. It's bizarre that I'm so into running now. I never did any sports, even PE, in school - I was always the one down the end dodging it," she laughs.


Siobhan has become such a fitness buff that she even beat presenter Kathryn Thomas's time in a recent half-marathon.

"I couldn't believe it when I beat Kathryn in the half marathon," she says.

Even though Siobhan edged in with a better time than her, Kathryn was delighted for her.

"I went out for the run with Siobhan on week two of the series last year and she felt like she couldn't breathe," Kathryn said.

"She kept saying 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe' and I was like 'you're breathing , you're grand - just keep going'.

"Then she ran the half-marathon in 1hr 51mins and I ran it in 1hr 59mins, and I had a good run that day but that is a phenomenal time," Kathryn gushed.

Siobhan admits that she had to look for motivation to keep fit once the cameras stopped rolling.

"After the show ended I was trying to figure out some kind of motivation so I signed up for the Dublin Race Series.

"I never thought I'd be talking about running but I did a half-marathon last week and I've signed up to do the Dublin marathon on October 27."

The Dundrum native also admits that she has way more energy since losing weight and loves hitting the town now. "I always had a good social life but I really look forward to going out now.

"I have a twin sister, Niamh, who's really skinny and now I'm borrowing her clothes which is just brilliant.

"I'm not shopping so much as I'm borrowing her clothes for the fun of it," she laughs.

"I've changed my hair as well, my hair is a bit darker now so I feel like my 'before' picture is a totally different person," she admits.

Operation Transformation is currently looking for new leaders for the upcoming show.