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It's tough being a blonde model, says Pamela

ASPIRING lingerie model Pamela Ryan has said that being a blonde in Ireland's modelling industry is "really tough".

The 19-year-old admitted to the Herald that she previously had been told to dye her hair brown by her management company in order to get more modelling jobs. Despite toning her hair down, the gorgeous model says now she wants to be the new Irish blonde bombshell.

"I was told to tone down my hair but now I realise if I want to do press calls I have to be the blonde bombshell. It's just like Georgia Salpa -- Kim Kardashian would be her idol, you have to go along with a stereotype to get everyone to know you."

However, Pamela revealed that getting a press call is difficult, claiming that curvaceous brunettes are the most popular at the moment.

"It's really tough because it's such a cut-throat industry and it's very difficult for a lot of girls to have Georgia's figure, she's very exotic. Being curvy like Georgia is what sells magazines and newspapers."

The Drimnagh native, who works as a hostess for Buck Whaley's, said that she wants to "fill the space" of the Irish blonde in press calls.

The Assets model claimed that there is a need for more blonde models in Ireland's modelling industry.

"I think they need more blonde models, but I find it's so difficult to be a blonde because they always want brunettes for press calls. Blondes need to be brought back.

"I know sometimes they can be seen as tacky but they need to be classy as well as glamorous. Karena Graham is a stunning blonde model, I definitely look up to her," she admitted.

Pamela, who is in a five-year relationship with her boyfriend, admitted that although the Irish market is tough to crack, she had to turn down modelling in London because they only wanted her for glamour modelling.

"I was approached by an agency in London, Neon Management, they work with most of the glamour models and some celebrities. I really wanted to go with them but they asked me to send topless pictures, but that's something I would never do."