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It's puppy love for Emma as she falls for new pet pooch Herbie

IT'S a true case of puppy love for reigning Miss Ireland Emma Waldron and her boyfriend.

The beauty queen has fallen for Herbie -- an adorable eight-month-old golden labrador. Emma and her boyfriend Manners bought the puppy home this week -- and he has Emma wrapped around his little paw.

"It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, we were just looking at dogs and fell in love with him. He's so cute," Emma explained.

"It's my first dog so it's a great novelty, although I'm not sure how loud I'm meant to shout around him or things like that.

"He's teething at the moment, though, so he's chewing everything he sees. He's peeing everywhere as well, so we're trying to get him trained at the moment. It's like having a child and trying to house-train them," she laughed.

Emma (22) explained how her cute new pooch will live at her boyfriend's Dublin home on a full-time basis as she and her other half are not ready to live together just yet. According to the BScene beauty: "He's going to stay with Manners for the moment because he has little brothers who love playing with him.

"He also has a bigger house and a garden for him to run around in, so it makes more sense. I'll still be seeing plenty of him though, I'm on babysitting duty this weekend."